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Selected 33 - Arnaud de la Tour

Episode Summary

In this interview, Arnaud de la Tour, CEO of Hello Tomorrow, shares his insights on deep tech, sustainability, and the future of his organization.

Episode Notes

Main takeaways:

1. Definition of deep tech: deep tech is characterized by high levels of research and development and unique intellectual property (IP). Arnaud explains that deep tech is not simply a mobile app connecting users but rather an advanced technology that requires significant time and effort to develop. These technologies can be digital, physical, or biological, and are often IP-intensive [1][2].

2. Deep tech as a long-term trend: deep tech has been building progressively over the past decade, driven by the need to transform industries such as energy production, food and agriculture, and green manufacturing [3]. The ability to prototype quickly and cheaply in various sectors, including biotech and hardware, has opened up value creation opportunities for startups [4]. Arnaud believes deep tech is here to stay, comparing its impact to the internet 20 years ago [1].

3. Corporations investing in deep tech: major corporations are increasingly investing in deep tech startups to meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) challenges [5]. As traditional industries are disrupted, companies are seeking innovative solutions to transform their business models and continue making profits [6]. Arnaud cites examples of oil and gas companies shifting focus to hydrogen and electric cars [1].

4. Hello Tomorrow's role in the deep tech ecosystem: Hello Tomorrow connects startups, investors, and corporations to help create a thriving deep tech ecosystem [7]. The organization operates two main activities: organizing the annual Hello Tomorrow Global Summit [8] and offering consulting services [9]. These activities provide a comprehensive service for deep tech startups, helping them to grow and succeed.

5. Hello Tomorrow's future plans: Arnaud reveals plans to launch a venture capital (VC) fund focusing on early-stage deep tech startups [1]. This fund would invest in companies at the pre-revenue and pre-proof-of-concept stages, where traditional VC firms are often reluctant to invest [10]. The aim is to start with a small fund, make some initial investments, and then grow it over time.

6. Arnaud's thoughts on technology's role in sustainability: Arnaud believes that technology is both a problem and a solution when it comes to sustainability [1]. While it's important to reconsider our society and how we live, emerging technologies are necessary for producing food, energy, and goods in a sustainable manner [11]. He emphasizes that to achieve net-zero emissions and maintain a high quality of life, we must scale up new technologies [12].


As deep tech continues to grow and evolve, organizations like Hello Tomorrow will play a critical role in fostering innovation and driving sustainable solutions for global challenges.